Jennesco Fashion Logistics


Jennesco Fashion Logistics offers a comprehensive and personalised service for the fashion sector. 

It includes importing, storage, various types of value-added processing as well as distribution and exporting. You choose where to start and where to stop ! It is our pleasure to serve you and we will do everything we can to satisfy you ! 

Our watchwords are personalised service, quality, efficiency and transparency ! 

Because you are not just one more procedure among many, we will assign a single contact person to respond to all your questions and needs and a specific ID number to track and trace your shipments for Belgium or abroad. 

In order to offer flexibility and excellent service, Jennesco Fashion Logistics is one of the few providers with its own fleet for last-mile distribution. The fleet is made up of around forty vehicles fully equipped for transporting garments on hangers as well as parcels and pallets. 

As speed and a quick response are vital in this constantly changing sector, the usual delivery time for your goods is next-day delivery « A for B » for Belgium and Luxembourg.  

Finally, Jennesco Fashion Logistics is a founder member of the European Fashionet network, a key partner for the fashion industry in Europe. Thanks to this network of partners in each country, we can offer very competitive logistics, transport and distribution solutions with very efficient and high-quality service. 

Transport services :
  • Imports and exports
  • Dedicated or grouped 
  • By road, sea and air
  • To production sites or points of sale
  • For raw materials or finished products
  • For distribution, returns, transfers between stores, restocking, implementation of new points of sale, specific requests (mannequins, furniture, POS decoration)
Flexible deliveries :
  • By appointment
  • In particular time slots
  • At night
  • For an urgent or special request via dedicated transport
Pick and pack :
  • Unpacking, sorting and inventory of goods (on hangers, in boxes or on pallets)
  • Physical order preparation
  • Packing goods (covers and boxes can be provided)
  • Identification of each box and cover with label and barcodes
Value-added services :
  • Quality control
  • Fitting security tags
  • Putting on hangers
  • Labelling
  • Packaging 
  • Repackaging
  • Inventory
  • Recovery of plastic and cardboard packaging
  • Administrative support: call centre, taking orders, coding in the customer's ERP, printing and sending invoices to customers on behalf of the importer, KPIs
  • IT support 
  • Track & trace

Storage :
  • Short and long term
  • On hanger or folded
  • Seasonal storage or reimplementation in outlet store

Bonded warehouse and customs operations

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